Using all the features of ConnectTogether is FREE, and always will be.

We make our money by taking a small percentage of all funds that pass through out site, such as donations, tickets sales and sponsorship etc

Have you noticed how many companies on the Internet make their charges confusing? With them charging a set up cost, then a certain amount per $1000 , then a percentage commission, then a payment processing  charge at the end etc etc.
Not us, in fact, we like to make it very clear and simple:


That's right, we charge just 5% including all credit or debit card fees(for information Paypal pricing, we included!)
Therefore, we pay out to you $95 for every $100 put through our system.  Take some time to compare this against other providers (but don’t tell our Finance Department what you find!).

What's more, other providers only offer payment processing, when ConnectTogether offers so much more..…

Its also easy a quick to claim your money.  Just go to your ConnectTogether dashboard and request a transfer, and our system then sends the funds to your PayPal account.

As you know, ConnectTogether will never stand still! We will deliver frequent updates and enhancements, including the introduction of new APPS designed to keep our partner organizations looking fresh, and to add and keep millions of supporters.

Welcome to ConnectTogether!