St Peters School

Bromsgrove, United Kingdom, Rock Hill Bromsgrove Worcestershire B61 7LH - United Kingdom

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Our school provides a Christian education based on gospel values and promotes high achievement and learning by working with children to help them be happy,confident, well balanced individuals with a high sense of self-worth.


We want our children to develop enquiring minds,become independent, life-long learners and achieve individual goals to reach their unique potential. We believe it's important that they are self-motivated and able to listen to the views of others.

At St Peter's Catholic First School, we want our children to be caring, tolerant, respectful, well mannered members of the school and wider community.

We achieve this by providing:

  • a positive and caring ethos
  • a broad, interesting and challenging curriculum
  • an interactive and stimulating learning environment
  • an innovative approach to teaching
  • a supportive partnership between school, home and the community.

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