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Every single person has untold gifts to offer the world. Raising Change exists to empower you to make a difference. As a full-service global consulting firm and online digital platform, we equip you to find your purpose & passion, go from success to significance, and raise more money than you ever have had before. 

Raising Change offers you cutting edge tools, tips and products to change the world or your own backyard 


Raising Change was launched in June 2005 with a simple premise:
help fully unleash the power of women's philanthropic giving. 

The years leading up to June 2005,  Raising Change founder Kathy LeMay witnessed the rise of women's philanthropy in the United States. This was not turn of the century great American empire philanthropy. This was philanthropy based on connection and community. This was philanthropy that included gifts from $25 to $25 million. This was inclusive philanthropy that meant all had a seat at the table.
It hadn't yet been realized but it was on the rise. 

From her lifetime of activism and change-making Kathy saw first-hand the power of community, connection and inclusion: from the global to local, boardrooms to front lines, and with who is talking about money, raising money and giving money away. 

Raising Change was then launched the idea of equipping women philanthropists and fundraisers to bring the best of their values to the work they cared so deeply about. And to help women and fundraisers talk about money. Really talk about money. And raise it. A lot of it. This is exactly what Raising Change did. Our founder wrote a book about it, spoke to hundreds of audiences throughout the globe, and invited us all to be braver and bolder. 

What began as a consulting firm ten years ago to equip primarily U.S. fundraisers and women philanthropists has transformed into a global consulting firm, working not just with women and fundraisers but with change agents from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. Raising Change has worked with people from Maine to Mongolia and we're just getting started.

We are now a full-service, global consulting firm and an on-line digital platform bringing you the most up to date resources on social change, fundraising and philanthropy as well as real-time tools and products to help you make a powerful difference in the world. We equip you to raise more money faster and smarter than ever before and help leaders discover their purpose and passion.

We believe every single person has untold gifts to offer to the world.

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