LUMENLS - Save a Cat Today!

Hollywood, FL, United States, 407 S 21st Avenue 33020 - United States


Our mission is to help cats in Broward County through rescue, fostering and adoption. You can help of course, the kitties sure do need it.

LumenLS stands for Lumen, Layla and Solo – three pretty awesome cats who were rescued from the streets and want to see the same happen for their kitty friends.

Our mission is to save cats in Broward County using methods which help cats and humans alike. Our focus is rescue, fostering and adoption.

Our vision is one of life, love and happiness for all cats. Cats have been a part of American culture for over 300 years and have a lot in common with us. They’re our friends, their trust must be earned, they’re individualistic, fighters, and sometimes territorial. Oh… and they’re special of course, since 80 million Americans share their home with all types of kitties. Cats are a part of the family.

Cats also help the elderly, sick, our children, our military, police and directly or indirectly – all of us.

How? By being there. So let’s get their back also, just like they have ours.

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