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"Rugby , what is it? " A sport? Unquestionably, and beautifully toned. A passion? Oh yes , and fortunately incurable ! A religion? God, almost! A brotherhood ? I swear , as it is true that the word rugby is both a Sesame and rallying . A mode of education ? Better yet, it is ethics that man has more than ever , a philosophy of action , both gallant and virtuous . Rugby ... strange game , a masterpiece that the past has left us with his strength and balance test that exalts the courage and called humility, that fight can not be meaningful without respect for the opponent . We do not play Rugby, Rugby is one completely . 
Henri Garcia

Dear Friends 

As a professional player in France, I devoted my life to RUGBY; Now I am glad to invite any of you the young and less young to learn and practice this fabulous sport driving the most important human values.

Below some information about the French Flair Academy Rugby. Feel free to check ou public posts and to register to any event to test the feeling of Rugby. Feel free to contact me personally.

All the best.

Christophe Kwiecinski.


  RUGBY - The Game 

 A game played by two teams of 15 players, each on a rectangular field 110  yards long with goal lines and goal posts at either end.

 The objective is to run with an oval ball across the opponent ' s goal line, or to  kick it through the upper position of the goal posts.

 This involves forward passing, and time-outs are not permitted.

 Rugby is a team sport that develops leadership, team spirit, courage,
sportsmanship and friendship.





Benefits for children


Team work
Calmness under pressure




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