AguaMarina Pre-School South Miami

Miami, FL, United States, 7515 SW 61 AVE. South Miami 33143 - United States

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Our main goal at AguaMarina is to form children that know how to think, that when facing daily living situations they have enough tools to solve them; be resourceful, agile and confident. 

We teach children how to make connections. In Aguamarina, we have an Annual Topic Program where we start on a macro scale (Universe) and finish micro (ourselves). The entire school will enjoy the same monthly topic in their own range of development. Every age level will have different academic goals through a fantastic time travel journey. Each month is connected with the previous and following one, giving the child a logical vision of the program’s progress and, therefore, promoting connection between one topic or event and the other. This provides the most important tool in the problem-solving process: connection. Knowledge and skill levels are increased with a daily exchange of fun activities and focused reflection.

What is the methodology?

In Aguamarina, each class is an adventure where each child can understand new concepts through experiential activities using the 5 senses which will enable them to have a better comprehension and hold onto concepts easily. We truly believe that children gain a more profound understanding of concepts by experiencing in both, sensorial and academic ways.

And the Academics:

Aguamarina has its own curriculum where the academic objectives are of the highest standards at preschool level. Each academic area is developed with logic structure. The first two years, we focus on leaving solid foundations to soon after extend them. Our Director of Academics is on a constant communication with the teachers so they can reach a real understanding of each project and its objectives. In addition, she will accompany and support each child in the learning process.

Passion floats in Aguamarina:

In children, passion for learning, excitement for exploring and enchantment by discovering and understanding their surroundings. In the teachers, passion for teaching, Aguamarina’s curriculum inspires and motivates to be good human beings, to give their all and to look for each child’s best ability thus form citizens that conquer the world!

What characterizes us?

Love! We are confident that by giving a warmth environment, where children and parents feel we are extended family, we will have Happy Hearts, therefore, Big Minds. In Aguamarina, each family is special, we work as a team and we are pleased with every achieved goal.

The school’s environment promotes a proper socio-emotional development where we play, share and make friends while we learn to love and respect each other. Values are an essential part of our curriculum, we learn how to identify and accept our feelings, be better human beings as well as take care of our planet and animals.


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