ConnectTogether has been developed from the ground up to support Charities, Schools and Not Profit Organisations of all sizes. Whether you represent a large multinational Charity or a small village school (and everything in-between!), ConnectTogether was designed with you in mind.


How can ConnectTogether help?


We offer a free, simple to use, fully accessible web based Portal, available on all devices including PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet. A Portal so easy to use, even the most time-pressed volunteer can use it to create powerful fund raising campaigns that can reach large numbers of potential supporters, and all in minutes! A Portal that maintains relationships between donors and the causes they care about most.

But ConnectTogether is not just about fundraising, it’s also about engaging with your Members and Followers in a new and innovative way. You now do not need to rely on your message getting past a spam filter, or for a Social Network site to choose to show your message or not, as with ConnectTogether you can guarantee that your message has reached your audience!

All in one easy to use place, you can now:

  • Turn Fundraising into FUNdraising by offering (in addition to normal campaigns), Charity Auctions, Competitions and even revenue from a range of smartphone APPs!
  • Use ConnectTogether as your own personal ‘Ticket Agent’, by selling tickets for events or even organising free to attend meetings.
  • Learn from your Members by offering Polls and Surveys
  • Communicate by just a single click with either everyone linked to your organisation, or just your Members, Followers, Volunteers or Employees, eventually with Parents, Students and families if you are  a School.
  • Guarantee that all your messages are seen by your Membership….who else can offer you this?

So, what are you waiting ?
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