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The International School of Broward (ISB) holds the belief that providing our students with a solid educational foundation is paramount to the development of their intelligence. Within the International School of Broward’s academic framework, each student is given the opportunity to acquire the skills, abilities, and attitudes needed to succeed in higher educational settings and beyond.  Providing our students with an edifying edge enables them to believe in themselves, to be knowledgeable and cultured and to become great communicators.


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The core of the school is the Two-way Bilingual concept.

The International School of Broward strives to continue offering an innovative and comprehensive academic program that adjusts to an ever-changing world and to prepare students to qualify for, and to pursue, career goals that will enrich their lives and benefit society as a whole.

ISB provides instruction in the following five areas:


Students learn to communicate and perform academically in content subjects in French through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students formulate and answer questions about the literary elements in French. Students identify themes, ideas, or viewpoints on social behaviors and/or interactions of various cultures and discuss these cultural differences as they participate in age-appropriate cultural activities.

The goals of the concept are:

Bilingualism: Processing in English and a second language (French)
Bi-literacy: Academic proficiency in English and a second language (French)
Multi-Cultural Competence

Understanding of various cultures and the development of positive self-esteem allows students to acculturate in other cultures and not live their own culture as a frustration. The design of the program is the implementation of the 50/50 model, which makes use of two teachers, one who instructs in English and the other in French. Instruction is conducted through not only conversation and direct instruction, but through role-playing, cooperative-learning groups, including native and non-native speakers of the language of instructions. Peer tutoring, use of thematic units hands-on activities, and graphic organizations is utilized. 

In order to deliver the best service to our community of Parents, Students, Famlies, Friends  and  Teachers, ISB launched its own private social network. 

To Become a MEMBER (Teacher, Parent, Student, Friend or Family) of ISB in our social network CONNECTTOGETHER please ask the School Staff to get your invitation or request it from the Contact button above .

ISB is also partnering with Power School Access to provide ONLINE Student Grades :

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