Give Back Hope

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Out to save the world. One personʼs world. 
One world at a time.
Give your love Back to one person Hope will abound.


Our greatest satisfaction comes from the individual stories we tell.  Redemption.  Restoration.  Sacrifice.  Courage.  Joumaya.  Cristi Ciani. Gladys.  Galena.  Prabidhi.  Kalpana.  Others?  Difficult to ignore, hard to turn a blind eye.  When we focus on individuals and their plight, we cannot easily ignore the fact that they need a miracle.  And we may be the only chance of a miracle they will ever have.

Founded in 2013, Give Back Hope embraces the concept of giving charitably, recognizing that “it is more blessed to give than receive”.  Our original inspiration was to continue the humanitarian efforts of our dear friend Cristi Ciana, a Romanian engineer who tragically died at 29 in a gold mine accident.

Give Back Hope are folks like you and me who wish to reach people in crisis situations. Recognizing the West can be as parched spiritually as sub-Saharan Africa is climatically, our volunteers appreciate the irony, that those who give generously often “Get Back Hope”. We believe most problems can be solved using local resources, with just a small amount of outside insight and resources.

Give Back Hope maintains ongoing relief projects in communities across Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Romania, India and Nepal. 100% of your donations go directly to those in need and can be targeted to your preferred project.  All travel and administrative expenses are provided by private donor matching funds. Please follow us on Facebook or this site to keep updated on projects.

Give Back Hope is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization for charitable purposes.  We are happy to provide tax receipts, upon request.


Our team of volunteers mobilizes life sustaining resources just-in-time, based upon need, resources and our ability to execute the mission. Collectively and individually, we search the globe for the most needy and desperate families, and allocate funds and resources as needed and as provision has been received. Our team recognizes that we will never Give Back Hope more than we have received in life, so we strive to improve community and family in our own homes. Also, our intrinsic belief is that inspiration and hope flows from those we help, as they often give lavishly, proportionately more than we could ever dream. Our team is YOU....joining hands with friends, your family and Giving Back Hope from the goodness and thankfulness in your heart.

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