I am representing a organization, why should I create a ConnectTogether account since I already have a Facebook page?

A great question, for which we can give you many reasons!

In essence, we bet you are using a Social Network that was designed for friends to use between themselves? So, you are finding your messages fighting for space and are being hidden between an old school friends baby announcement, and what there brother had for breakfast?  In addition to the above, your message also has to contend with mountains of adverts fighting for space!

ConnectTogether is different:

· There is NO ADVERTISING on ConnectTogether, so your message is not diluted and drops straight into everyone's line of vision.

· All fundraising done in one single place.  No longer do your followers have to open an APP, click a message, click a link to a webpage, then click another link to be taken to a page to make a donation or sponsorship

· ConnectTogether offers you new ways of earning new revenue, from selling Green PC APPS, to arranging Charity Auctions, Sponsorship or just simple  donation.

· ConnectTogether offers you new 'two-ways' of communicating with your employees, volunteers, donors, followers using any device with a dedicated APP branded with your colours; This is your private global intranet network !

· You even earn revenue from the regular competitions we run!

We don’t for a second suggest you stop using your current Social Network          platforms, and indeed they can be used to drive traffic to your Connect Together account.  However, ConnectTogether was designed from the ground up to be the ‘Home of Charitable Giving’.




I am a private user, should I create a ConnectTogether account since I already have a Facebook one?

Well, firstly because we think you will love it!  ConnectTogether is the ‘Home of Charitable Giving’, where you can in one single place:

· Keep updated on news from your favourite charities

· Express your opinion and get involved with projects

· Download APPS to help you reduce your carbon footprint and many other APPS available on the ConnectTogether social Store, where the revenue is shared with your favourite charity.

· Play with  GreenVille (a virtual reality 'ecological' game) available soon on ConnectTogether, a game which is financially contributing to your favourite charity, when you play with it.. The more you play the moke the organisation makes money.

· Create Sponsorship events to support your favourite cause, from a Coffee Morning to summiting Mount Everest! (Please note, we don’t think you will get a mobile signal to check your fundraising goals from Mount Everest….)

· And much much more

It takes seconds to register, but your support can mean the World to your favourite organisation.



How much does it cost to register?

Nothing, it’s 100% free.


Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not.


Can I unsubscribe whenever I want?

Of course, only one click and you’re unsubscribed. Even though we are sure that once you’ll try it, you’ll love it!


How will my personal information be used?

Under no circumstances will your personal information be disclosed. Everything you publish on ConnectTogether remains your property.
You can also connect with a hidden profile in which case none of your information will be displayed to anyone but the NGOs - Non Profit Organisation you are donating to. 


Can I register even if I’m not a member of a Non Profit Organisation?

Absolutely, you will then be able to support, act with, participate or give to any charities of your choice. So can also recommend your Children school to join and take advantage of all the services of ConnectTogether.


Do I have to always give to the same NGO or Non Profit Organisation? and is there a given minimum amount?

No, you can give it to whomever you want, whatever you want, whenever you want! Giving is one important thing ! However you can also register or participate to an event to support a cause. Last but not least, for example you can buy APPs  and with the ConnectTogether revenue sharing model, the charity, school or NGO you support will recevie a share (50%) of the revenue from us.


Do I have to interact and be active on the platform?

Although the platform is very dynamic, you are not required to be active and interact. But we bet you would liek to express yourself and make yourself heard by the NGOS o school you support.


Is there a ConnectTogether smartphone APP?

Yes, and ConnectTogether is also available on PC, Mac or tablet.


Can I sync ConnectTogether with my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account?

Yes, it’s possible. Just click on the “Sign-up with Facebook” button for example.


How can I make a donation to a organization with ConnectTogether?

You can donate by giving directly to the organization of your choice, or by organizing fundraising events, or financial campaign, or choose to redistribute your winnings when you win a contest or a game.


Can I post images and texts?

Yes, you will have your personal space and a public space for contests, where you can post pictures or articles.


How do I report a spam, post or comment hurting my feelings?

Contact us by clicking on the link referring to the spam problem.