GreenVille: Play and help you favourite cause!

The simulation game with a heart! Make a GREEN virtual world, which then teaches about making a difference in a sustainable REAL World.

Make a city, but make it carefully taking into consideration energy use, travel, forest impact, marine life etc etc. Great fun, but it shows what can be achieved!

Posted on 09/09/14 -


Lo-Go: Your Virtual World moves into the Real World!

This location based GPRS APP is designed to help you meet up with other people with the same interests as you, or people who are Members of the same organisation. Very simple to use (but 100% safe!), it is the ideal tool to organise a meeting of people all liked to the same charity or organisation.

Posted on 08/09/14 -


Connect Together Aspicio

Aspicio is a stunning APP that enables you to engage with everything from art, theatre, music and even dining experiences in a way never possible. It produces the most honest and palpable reviews possible, by you recording your emotions such as affection, passion, warmth and empathy, all the way to indifference, dislike and apathy. This beauty of Aspicio is the exquisite user interface which uses sight, sound and touch to record your innermost feelings.

Posted on 03/09/14 -


Connect Together : SharePoint of charitable giving

Download the APP to stay in touch with the causes you support and communicate with any member of the social network. Take advantage of using ConnectTogether on your smartphone or tablet NOW! This APP is free and can be found on Apple Store and Android Market.

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ConnectTogether Photo Contest - Share and Win!

Share your photo to support your favourite organisation. Every week you can win £100, and if you do, we pay your organisation the same!

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