brand new and powerful Social Media Platform
Designed to connect Non-Profit organizations
with their Volunteers, Employees and Donors
Introducing a NEW way for Charities, Schools and any Not-For-Profit Associations to share and leverage the communication with their local community

So, what is ConnectTogether ?

In essence, ConnectTogether merges together everything that a Charity or Organisation (Non-Profit) or even a School does online into one new innovative and easy to use place.  So, what makes us different?

Firstly, ConnectTogether is FREE, and always will be.  FREE to Charities, NPO’s and Schools, and FREE to Supporters (or Parents, Students)—we believe that every penny counts.  We like the word FREE, so also decided we would also be Advertising FREE.  So, with ConnectTogether there will never be annoying pop-ups or advertisements getting in the way of your important message

Secondly (and we think most importantly), ConnectTogether has been developed from the ground up to deliver exactly what Charities and NPO’s asked of us, which is for them to have the ability to quickly and effectively share news, events, fundraising campaigns and surveys to their existing followers, but also to potential new donors.

ConnectTogether delivers this in a new, innovative and ‘uncluttered’ environment, which is available to users on all platforms including PC, MAC and all smartphones.  ‘Uncluttered’ is an important word here, as the current Social Platforms make it increasingly difficult to get your messages seen by your followers (as low as 6% in many cases!).

But the coolest thing about ConnectTogether is the community spirit of the users.  We group together thousands of organisations and millions of followers, who are all passionate about their cause (be it The Environment, The Arts, Education etc ).

We have all heard the old saying ’strength in numbers’, but ConnectTogether is here to prove this.

In summary, think of ConnectTogether as the combination of the  “Best of the Web” for any organization – small or large.

Got more questions on how ConnectTogether will benefit your organisation or any otehr question about the Privacy please read below.

How to contact ConnectTogether with questions

To learn more about how privacy works on ConnectTogether, please check out Privacy page. If you have questions about this policy, here’s how you can reach us: