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No more need for multiple passwords and hundreds of clicks. ConnectTogether looks after all your favourite organisations in one single place.
Centralize all your charity involvement and payments in one convenient and safe place. Communicate safely with your friends sharing the same interest than you

Have your Say

Make a real difference to your favourite organisations future by letting them know your thoughts and ideas.
ConnectTogether enables charities, societies and clubs etc to share polls and surveys to gain valuble feedback from their Members and Followers. Help them shape their future!

Keep in Touch!

Attend your favourite organisations events.
Use ConnectTogether to learn about and then book your attendance to events, parties and meetings held by your charity, club or society.

Share your Passion!

Let others know what is important to you.
With ConnectTogether you can quickly share and discuss what is important to you with others following of the same organisation, and invite your other friends to take part.

Support the causes that matter most to you!

In one easy to use, safe place.
With ConnectTogether you can support your favourite organisation financially by payments and sponsorship, but also in many new fun ways! Also, you can arrange your own sponsored event, with the proceeds automatically going to your chosen charity.

Get out there !

Attend your favourite organisations events.
Use ConnectTogether to learn about and then book your attendance to events, parties and meetings held by your charity, club or society.

NO Hidden Gremlins!

100% Free, 100% Secure and 100% Advertising Free.
ConnectTogether will never sell or share your data, and you remain 100% in control of who sees what about you. Everything you post is owned by you, and nobody else!

Download Apps!

ConnectTogether offers more ways to support you favourite organisation, in a FUN way.
Soon, you will be able to download APPS, delivering cool service to you and supporting financially your causes at the same time; One APP for example will allow you to reduce the power consumption and therefore the carbon footprint of your PC, MAC or smartphone! Another one will offer you to meet people sharing the same interest as you, using the GPRS location. You could also play games, play in a photo contests, participate to auctions …


Follow and support what matters, from anywhere...
All features are available on your iPhone™, Android™ or Windows™ Phone. Now you can keep informed whenever or wherever you are.

They are already present

Below are some popular organizations you can support. Is your favourite not listed? Contact them now and ask them to join!

New Cool APPs

A new and exciting range of APPS will be released soon – see below for a peak preview !

Connect Together Aspicio

Aspicio is a stunning APP that enables you to engage with everything from art, theatre, music and even dining experiences in a way never possible. It produces the most honest and palpable reviews possible, by you recording your emotions such as affection, passion, warmth and empathy, all the way to indifference, dislike and apathy. This beauty of Aspicio is the exquisite user interface which uses sight, sound and touch to record your innermost feelings.

Lo-Go: Your Virtual World moves into the Real World!

This location based GPRS APP is designed to help you meet up with other people with the same interests as you, or people who are Members of the same organisation. Very simple to use (but 100% safe!), it is the ideal tool to organise a meeting of people all liked to the same charity or organisation.


GreenVille: Play and help you favourite cause!

The simulation game with a heart! Make a GREEN virtual world, which then teaches about making a difference in a sustainable REAL World.

Make a city, but make it carefully taking into consideration energy use, travel, forest impact, marine life etc etc. Great fun, but it shows what can be achieved!


ConnectTogether Photo Contest - Share and Win!

Share your photo to support your favourite organisation. Every week you can win £100, and if you do, we pay your organisation the same!